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Indonesia is a very large country that has more than 17,000 islands inhabited by various racial tribes of more than 770 races in Indonesia. this is a tremendous and unparalleled potential in this world that has good tourism potential, forests, volcanoes, marine parks, flora and fauna, cultural arts all complete in Indonesia.

Trans Borneo is one of the tour operators in Indonesia since 1990 and has become the most reliable tour operator in terms of adventure in Indonesia.
We have been dealing with groups both large and small scale both nationally and internationally with highly trained personnel in their field.

Trans Borneo grows and grows well because it gets the trust of all the customers who have handled it well.

Trust and customer satisfaction is a motto that we always give priority to the satisfaction of the guests always return to us.
In every area of operation we always prepare skilled workers and high-level safety that we always use to serve customers. To support the operation we have our own transportation in all over Indonesia .

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Over our 5 years in this line of business, we believe we are the best.

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Find your dream tour package according to your needs, time and budget